Getting Started

Use this page to learn about the most common questions.

Adding Google Map Embed

Adding Filtering to Property Listing Page

Adding filtering to your properties is actually very simply. We suggest the leading two options from Jetboost and Finsweet. Both these options provide an excellent solution with little effort.

If you wish to remove the filters, simply delete these and remove the grid column.

Jetboost (paid)

Real-time search, dynamic filtering, and more for Webflow — without writing code
Learn More -

Finsweet (free)

A javascript Library that makes your Webflow CMS Lists a hell of a lot more powerful.

Learn more at -

Add / Remove the Interactions

When you scroll into sections on the template you will notice interactions that bring the elements in from the bottom and from 0 to 100% opacity.

This added effect is totally optional and can be easily removed or edited from elements.
You can simply remove these by finding the green lighting symbol and deleting the Scroll Into View trigger.

Alternatively you can add new interactions by selecting the element and adding a Scroll Into View trigger.
We include default styles that allow you to rapidly select the scroll into view speed / offset.